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Other People’s Work: Why It Matters …

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Other People’s Work: Why It Matters … & Why You Should Care

by Christine G. Adamo

What can we learn from other people? A whole lot, as it turns out!

Consider the world of Visual Arts and Graphic Design. By the time an artist has achieved a level of recognition that’s worthy of their talents, they’ve typically endured years of rejection. If not rejection, you can at least be sure they’ve spent countelss hours toiling on projects not one other person is ever likely to see.

Quite possibly, they’ve worked ’round the clock on this or that design.


A survey of other artists' work, with emphasis on striking graphic design.
A 2016 survey of other artists’ work: Michael Bierut, Jacqueline S. Casey, Paula Scher and Bradbury Thompson. (One sheet created by WRE’s Christine G. Adamo, using Adobe InDesign)


There’s so more to great design than meets the eye. And that’s my point. If you never dare dig into a designer’s history, you’ll never know what brought them to the insights which now inform their signature style. You also do yourself a disservice, thinking they have some magical powers that’re entirely out of your reach.

We’re not all equally adept, but we all possess unique skills and perspectives.

EX 2 - Non-Western Design

A 2016 survey of Non-Western designs in Product Packaging, Information, Publications, Type and Advertising in three countries: Argentina, Morocco and The Philippines. (One sheet created by WRE’s Christine G. Adamo, using Adobe InDesign)


Culture plays a role here, too. Consider “A Day in the Life” (above). This Non-Western design survey says a lot about the visual communication strategies, color schemes and ideals embraced by others. It even says something about the way humor is used in marketing tools aimed at entirely different markets.

Creating these layouts was a process in itself – one that’s informed by my own design style, history and heritage. The concepts of Contrast, Repitition, Alignment and Proximity heavily inform my work. (Thanks, Robin Williams! Don’t know who I’m referring to, look ‘er up.) It’s a challenge to achieve all four, but it’s worth it.

I dare you to conduct your own survey. I double dare you even!

Happy hunting,


Christine G. Adamo | Owner, Lead Writer & Designer |

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